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Would you post photos of the contents of your fridge? #Fridgeshelfies are the new thing and we can't say we hate it

Move away #squadgoals, #relationshipgoals and any other #goals really, because #fridgeshelfies are the newest hashtag trend and it is slowly taking over the globe.

by: Pumi Ntsezo | 01 Nov 2017

IMAGE: Istock

A lot of things trend in a single month, but one thing we never expected was a #fridgeshelfie trend. Instagrammers are snapping pictures of their squeaky clean fridges that are filled to the brim with veggies, fruits, kombucha, meat and sharing the snaps on social media for the whole world to see.

Gone are the days of #fitnessgoals, the only goals we have now are #fridgegoals and we are going to go to extra lengths to ensure that when we snap, we are at the top of the list with the best of them. 

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Very little alcohol is in these fridges, and sugary snacks are few and far between, so if you have a sweet tooth and store a lot of your treats in the fridge, your #shelfie might not be up to scratch. The fridges are packed with coconut water, organic greens, nut milks and colour-coded veggies. So healthy! Meal prepped lunches and dinners have also been a constant feature in the fridges, check out our favourite pictures below:   

This is what happens when you've got next level organisational skills. 

Fridge organisation goals!

Kombutcha has been in almost every single post we've seen. 


So..How do you feel about YOUR fridge right now?  

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