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When an onion broke the internet: Watch toddler munch an onion while thinking it's an apple

Ever eaten an onion thinking it was an apple? Watch this.

07 Feb 2018

(image: iStock)

We all know what it's like chopping an onion right? Your eyes start to slowly water and before you know it, you're sniffing and trying to see through tear-filled, blurry corneas while its strong scent begins to burn your nose hairs with its pungency. 

Now imagine biting into a raw onion and trying to tell yourself that it's an apple? 

That's exactly what this little boy did when his mother explained that it was actually an onion he was noshing. But instead of admitting his mistake and leaving the onion, he kept biting into it.

WATCH the video that has (to date) garnered nearly 62 million views. 

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