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What you need to know about the trending açaí bowls

Superfoods have been popping up everywhere and you wont want to miss out on this açaí.

by: Rentse Remolebeletse Khiba | 08 Mar 2018

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Described as a delicious breakfasty-brunch meal, açaí bowls, pronounced ah–sigh–ee, originates from the Brazilian açaí  berry and is harvested from the açaí palm tree. The berry has a variety of health benefits but it is famous for its distinctive taste.

Once processed, açaí berries either come in powder or purée form and can usually be found in your local health food store.

High in antioxidants, açaí berries have been dubbed as a superfood. But according to the National Institutes of Health “very little research has been done on the health effects of açaí products.”

Most people enjoy açaí in a bowl as breakfast or as a snack, but a registered dietitian at the UCLA, Ilana Muhlstein told SHAPE magazine, “You should really look at açaí bowls as more of an occasional treat, not something you'd have as a meal…" 

According to the blog My Food Religion, “on average an açaí bowl will have about 40g of sugar and up to about 75g depending on your toppings.” Toppings can range from muesli, yogurt and hemp seeds to sugary fruits like strawberries, blueberries and even bananas.

With high amounts of sugar, I’m almost certain a boost of energy would instantly be provided, leaving you feeling ready to go. Supporting your immune system is an added bonus making açaí a vital part of your healthy balanced diet.


Head to Mojo Market in Cape Town's Sea Point where you can find a fresh açaí smoothie bowls. After months of searching for one, local blogger, Cassandra Anne Grimbly from 2ohClock, was able to have her first açaí bowl. She had this to say, “I would say açaí bowls make me feel so happy just by looking at them! They can be so pretty, taste absolutely amazing and still be extremely nutritious! What more could a girl want?"

And well-known fitness blogger, Andene Horne from Healthy Girl With a Sweet Tooth, made her own açaí smoothie bowl with açaí berry powder she discovered at her local Dischem and described tasting her first homemade açaí smoothie bowl as, “having dessert for breakfast.”

Here are a few tips to help you get started on your first home-made açaí bowl.

Grab a packet of Acai powder and blend with your frozen berries, bananas or any other fruits you would like to add. If you usually have a morning protein shake, use that protein powder as part of a supplement in your açaí bowl.

You can play around with adding seeds, granola or chia seeds. Also think of adding some peanut or almond butter for that extra added protein pump.

Lastly, it's suggested that you add some greens too, like spinach or even some spirulina powder.

And there you have it, your very own açaí bowl!

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