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We're still obsessed with the sushi burger

It's been a while now, but we can't seem to get enough of the eye-catching sushi burger.

by: Ceili McGeever | 14 Apr 2016
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The internet has been going a bit nuts the last few weeks over the sushi burger, so chances are you’ve already heard about this meeting of forces. But if you haven’t it’s basically sushi made into the form of a burger, similar to the ‘fashion sandwich’, but more of an abomination to tradition. So the rice becomes the bun and the filling is raw fish, or anything you want really judging from the wide variety online.

It makes sense. This union was basically destined, and it was only a matter of time before someone tried it out. There was that ramen burger a while back, and a sushi burrito but neither of these got the Instagram feeds surging into a frenzy quite like the sushi burger has.

Highsnobiety reported that the sushi burger actually originated in the 1980s in a Japanese burger chain called MOS. Of course with the lack of social media in the 80s, the burger perhaps didn’t get much further than Japan, until now, and we are glad it did! Some are down-right weird but others bring on serious sushi cravings...or burger cravings?

Here are our favourite stand-out sushi burger concoctions from Instagram:

The well-styled sushi burger:

The seared rice sushi burger:

HUH? Orange?

Sushi burger orange

A photo posted by Patassel (@patassel) on

When sprouts become chips. I don't think so!

The KFC version:

On vous parle de cette nouvelle tendance sushi burger sur le blog :) #food #sushi #sushiburger

A photo posted by Food Geek & Love (@foodgeekandlove) on

The many mini sushi burgers:

The fried sushi burger:

The sushi burger that is for unicorns only:

The shining star sushi burger:

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