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We tasted and reviewed 8 different marshmallow Easter eggs – which one will be your favourite?

#Food24Tastes takes a different format under lockdown conditions.

by: Katy Rose | 09 Apr 2020
marshmallow easter egg

We take our Taste Tests very seriously here at Food24. 

First, we do extensive research and gather all the samples. Next, we collect our colleagues from various food media brands and set up the test. The samples are unwrapped and placed in generic sample containers. Each tester submits their votes and comments, and then we count up all the results. 

We always hope for a surprise result (like the time that Be-Well Vegan mayonnaise came in second place ahead of the favourites), though sometimes it just confirms what we already suspected. We proved that Nutella is actually the best in our previous article, We tested Nutella vs 3 cheaper alternatives and the winner was clear. 

Due to lockdown conditions, we’re doing things a little differently for Easter 2020. You will find that there is no clear winner, as the judges were (fortunately and unfortunately!) limited to me and my two family members. 

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We tasted 8 different marshmallow Easter eggs, compared them with each other and wrote you this useful guide to choosing the perfect one. Here they are in alphabetical order.

Beacon mmmMallows original

Most South Africans consider this to be the original marshmallow egg, and with its familiar flavour, it was correctly identified by our tasters as Beacon. One taster said: “If you know eggs, you can tell from a mile away this is Beacon. Marshmallow is a little too firm; chocolate is middle of the road, but has a great snap.”

Beacon mmmMallows strawberry

Beacon was on such a great wicket, and then they made this? We have questions, Beacon. The bright pink interior has a disconcerting, soapy flavour and the chocolate is topped with flecks of desiccated coconut. If you like strawberry, coconut, marshmallow and chocolate altogether, then this is the one for you!

Cadbury Fluffies

Cadbury has tried to enter the marshmallow egg party, but really we think they should just stick to TopDeck. One taster said “Very firm marshmallow. Why is it purple? Also, the chocolate is weepy and sticky.” If you are a diehard Cadbury fan, then this could be for you! 

Pick n Pay “Marshmallow eggs”

Definitely a budget option. The chocolate had a distinct aftertaste with a bright neon yellow centre. A good option if you’re baking desserts with your marshmallow eggs, perhaps try make this at home?

RECIPE: Chocolate marshmallow Easter egg fridge bars

Chocolate marshmallow Easter egg fridge bars

Spar Squillos marshmallow eggs

One taster said, “Nice and simple; traditional. Good overall texture.” This is a good classic marshmallow egg at a competitive price. 

Woolworths chocolate-flavoured marshmallow eggs

These were a surprise favourite, with a smooth and airy chocolate mousse texture. It’s packed with chocolate flavour, so if that’s what you’re after, this could be your new favourite Easter treat! 

Woolworths giant marshmallow easter egg

This novelty egg weighs in at 70g, and is great if you like more marshmallow than chocolate. It has a firm, chewy centre with a nice chocolate crunch on the outside. Would make a good Easter gift. 

Woolworths marshmallow eggs

These eggs have a balanced flavour with a hint of vanilla, plus a fluffy marshmallow, light orange yolk and a nice springiness. The chocolate is a bit thin and disappears quickly.

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