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We raid Scarra Ntubeni's fridge and reveal 5 things he can't do without

This is the first in our series of #WhatsInMyFridge. Read on to find out what a pro rugby player stocks up on.

27 Nov 2018
Scarra Ntubeni's fridge contents

Last week rugby guru, Tank Lanning and Food24 editor, Tessa Purdon visited Western Province hooker, Scarra Ntubeni and took a peek inside his fridge. Keen to know what was there? Read on!

First off, Scarra admitted that his fridge wasn't very full because his wife was away on business but he took us through 5 things that he always makes sure are in stock...

1. Steak 

"I grew up in a family that loves meat. These steaks I got from I did a shoot with them for Pasella and the meat is great."

Scarra Ntubeni holding two steaks

2. Frozen fruit pieces

"I buy these and pop them in my smoothies with some yoghurt. They're made by a woman here in Pinelands. You just call her and she delivers. I'll send you her number!"

Scarra Ntubeni's frozen berries

3. Beer 

"I always enjoy a cold beer but I don't really drink a lot during the week, and especially this time of year with training but ja, in season I'll have a beer maybe two or three times a week and on the weekend. Castle Lite is my go-to but I also love the Striped Horse craft beer."

Scarra's favourite beer

4. Barbecue sauce

"I'm having this on the steak tomorrow. When the Missus is away I braai a lot. I've got a pork belly (which I've never done before) that I'm having later with Dan Kriel."

Woolworths barbecue sauce

5. Instant coffee 

"I often put a big spoon of this in my smoothies in the mornings. I either have muesli or oats in there, maybe sometimes some peanut butter and then some coffee to give me a boost on-the-go. So I'll take it with me in my car or have it when I get there." 

Scarra Ntubeni puts instant coffee in his smoothie

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