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UK chocolate lovers up in arms over the new shape of Toblerone

Will the infuriating and deceptive new Toblerone shape hit SA shores?

08 Nov 2016

(Image credit: iStock)

Makers of one of the world’s most loved milk chocolates – known for its unique triangular shaped pieces and honey nougat flavour, has shocked chocolate lovers in the UK by (wait for it)… changing the size of the gap between the breakable pieces.

Mondelez International, which is the company that makes Toblerone, told BBC News that, "This change wasn't done as a result of Brexit" but for such an iconic brand to change even the smallest thing, it's pretty interesting - not to mention brave!

What it means

The regular 400g bars are now 360g and the 170g bars are now 150g. But get this! The actual size of the packaging hasn’t changed at all. Is that sneaky or what?!

An announcement was made on the official Toblerone Facebook page and it seems (for now at least!) that the change in size will only affect UK chocolate eaters. Phew! But could it spread to other parts of the world too? We hope not...

Consumers have been miffed to say the least and haven’t been shy to share their sentiments on social media!

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