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Try this delicious dessert mashup: Milk tart stuffed churros

You are going to love this!

by: Katelyn Williams | 27 Feb 2017

National Milk Tart Day is on the 27 February and we don’t know about you, but that’s all we really need to know to indulge in one of our favourite heritage treats. (Side note: do calories even count on this day?! The answer should be ‘no’!)

It seems every nation has their own version of a custard tart – the Portuguese have pasteis de nata, the British have their vanilla custard tarts, Italians their ‘torta di nonna’ and our South African milk tart sort of falls somewhere in the middle with it’s cinnamon topping.

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No matter what part of the world you’re from, it seems we’re all unanimously in love with the combination of a creamy egg custard and a crisp pastry base.

Although milk tart is believed to date back to 1510 when it first appeared in ‘A Notable Book of Cookery’, we’ve been noticing an exciting local trend of putting modern twists on this old-fashioned favourite.

From this gorgeous milk tart cake…

To milk tart freakshakes…


Milkshake of the weekend #gourmetshake #milkshake #milktart #nationalmilktartday #njam

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Zola Nene’s milk tart Swiss roll

And even milk tart spring rolls!

If all these fabulous ideas have inspired you to put our own spin on the melk tert then you’re not alone! We stuffed the creamy custard filling into a deep-fried churro  - genius, right? (Click HERE for the recipe) How are you going to celebrate National Milk Tart Day?

Which leads us to the next order of business: Launching a National Peppermint Crisp Tart Day. Who’s in?

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- Katelyn Williams

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