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Trump and Hilary inspired foods that will make you LOL

Trump cotton candy hair, Hilary Hooch, Trump Tonic and more!

08 Nov 2016
US 2016 elections, food, food24

The race up until now has been a tough one and it's known that whichever way the votes swing, this election will be historic!

In between all the debates, controversial statements and suspense... some of the by-products of the election have once again had us in stitches.

See for yourself...

1. The one thing that's almost as bizarre as Donald Trump's statements is his hair and people across social media platforms have come up with the most hilarious depictions of it. 

Noooo!! Bad hair don't care?? #croissant #trumphair

A photo posted by guinevere (@gwandom23) on

2. Some funny Hilary Clinton cookies.

The Hills are alive!

A photo posted by Rebecca Jones (@xobakes) on

3. Donald Trump is known to be quite vocal on social media.

4. Even US soda maker, Avery's, has joined in on the fun and made a Trump Tonic and Hilary Hootch concoction. 

Pick your poison. Literally. #poison #election2016 #trumptonic #hillaryhooch @kzsportsmarketing

A photo posted by liz.bob (@liz.bob) on

5. Undeniably cute elections cookies.


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