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This terrifying Hollywood hit is so quiet that viewers are too scared to munch on their movie snacks

What do you do when you are too petrified to make noise but also desperate to eat your popcorn?

19 Apr 2018
You can't eat popcorn at A Quiet Place with Emily

image: iStock

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The recent release of A Quiet Place has moviegoers apprehensive about rustling through their movie concessions and crunching down on a mouthful popcorn during this intensely silent production. While most movies have moments of music or action that can coincide with an aggressive tearing open of your sweets packet, A Quiet Place affords zero opportunity to make noise. 

Through the seriousness of this terrifying film has come the very serious dilemma of how to not only cope with the movie but also the painstaking process of trying to eat at the same time. 

Reviews of the film are daunting, praising John Krasinski and Emily Blunt's powerful performances that silently thrill audiences in this apocalyptic horror. The dramatic reactions to the inability to pig out while watching is the comic relief you'll probably need after seeing the movie. 

Feel free to make as much noise as you want when watching the trailer: 

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