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This chicken nugget bouquet will make you rethink Valentine's Day gifts

13 Feb 2017
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Valentine's is a day when lovers celebrate and show their love for one another and one of the most common ways of doing this is gifts. Leading up to 14 February shops will be packed with massive teddy bears, chocolate, flowers, sugar, spice and all things nice. There's a standard status quo around Valentine's Day gifts (which most people generally stick to) but there are cases when people choose to jazz things up a bit and get creative...

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Rico Villanueva, boyfriend to Annika Aguinaldo, has just redefined relationship goals and the status of gifts forever.

After hearing his girlfriend say that she does not like flowers and joke that she would much rather prefer a bouquet of chicken, Villanueva got crafty. He surprised her with a bouquet of chicken nuggets and got someone to capture the reaction.

A happy Aguinaldo couldn't contain her excitement and shared the story on social media. Since then her tweet has had social media buzzing and has been liked over 40 000 times. It even caught the attention of a McDonalds in the Philippines, who reached out to the couple and then organised a romantic McDate for them. So cute and cheesy!

If you want to pull out all the stops this Valentine's Day, put in some effort and go the extra mile. Here are some more ideas for other edible / DIY gifts that you can add to what you're planning for your Valentine.

Quite literally, show them the shape of your heart by easily making these strawberry hearts.
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Fill a bucket with their favourite sweet treats. Add a spade for a cheesy, comic effect.
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Show them just how banannas your are for them with this trick.
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Got a coffee-lover who you're trying to woo? This should put the cherry on the cake.
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Does your person go crazy for puns? They'll love this one.

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