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These are the more unusual foods you should be trying when you travel abroad

Travelling soon? Instead of eating the usual tourist foods, try these instead.

by: Carmen Williams | 13 Sep 2019

Being able to travel is a privilege, but it’s also great fun and you should be able to get the most out of your trip as possible.

While going to all the typical tourist destinations (and even the not-so-typical ones) sounds pretty good, an important part of travel is experiencing the culture of a country, of which food is a huge part. We celebrate, commiserate and form bonds over meals. You can learn a lot about a culture through the food you’re served and learn new things about yourself when you try new dishes you’ve never heard of before.

While escargot in Paris, pasta in Italy or tacos in Mexico are all great and important to experience, we asked around to find the lesser-known dishes you absolutely have to try when you go to these countries.



Saya had this amazing street food comprising fish, rice and cheese. “It was this super spicy and delicious rice thing with bits of onion and fresh fish. Street-food style, heaped on a plate and typical former-French-colony-style, they served it with a few pieces of fried cheese (halloumi, maybe?). DELICIOUS!”


This Twitter user couldn’t get enough of the goat soup she had in Ghana.


Try deep-fried tilapia and ugali stew with chapatis, says @sassyparodia.


Nicole says to try the meat you find at highway stops, where they have the best grills. “Perfectly flavoured, chargrilled on [an] open fire. Soft, soft meat.”Raadhiya says amlou – an almond paste made with argan oil and honey then spread on semolina pancakes – is really delicious. 


A traditional meal – Marang says they “ate till we POPPED!” 

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