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The great kitchen debate: What's the correct way to use foil?

We settle this discussion once and for all!

by: Barbara Mugo | 09 May 2019
Foil Paper

You've most probably had this conversation at least once in your life at a braai or standing in front of your oven. We've decided it's finally time to put this to rest and give you all the information you need for your next food-related trivia discussion.

We went around the office and asked our colleagues: What's the right way to use foil? These are the results!

Graph on foil survey

60% of the crew said shiny side up, while 25% said dull side up and the last (but not incorrect) 15% said it doesn't matter what way you use foil.

This is why

The two sides; shiny and dull - occur due to a default manufacturing process, where two sheets of foil are combined together and one side comes into contact with the rolling mills which are highly polished steel rollers. This is what results in one side of the foil having a shiny appearance. Not convinced yet? Read more about why aluminum foil has both a shiny and a dull side.

To conclude the great big conundrum, it doesn't matter which way you use foil and it doesn't really have any effect on the food you're cooking, so you can go ahead and use it whichever way suits you!


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