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The controversial chicken pasta recipe that has Facebook users up in arms

Who would have thought that a single recipe could evoke so much emotion!

09 Mar 2017

(Image: Tasty Facebook)

We all love a Facebook recipe video don’t we? They’re quick, they're super helpful when thinking of fun ideas and most of all, they elicit an immediate response to go and raid the nearest fridge.

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On 7 March, Buzzfeed's popular Tasty brand, posted a video for a ‘One-Pot Creamy Chicken Bacon Veggie Pasta’. Sounds yummy doesn’t it? Well, we’re sure they didn’t expect to get the number of comments they did but what ensued was something of an outcry from their pasta-eating followers.

Why? The pasta was cooked in milk (as opposed to water). To date the post has received 14 000 000 views, 148 738 shares and 25 000 comments.

Some of them include..

“Every time someone see this video, one italian die. Please, support our cause, COOK PASTA IN FREAKING WATER. Thanks” - Carlotta Gandini

“I'm an Italian living in Italy and I'm deeply offended with the fact that the noodles are not cooked in boiling water separately. Have some respect for my culture please.” - Nicholas Todd Ziemann

“God of pasta....please forgive them cause they don't know what they do” - Simone Ascrizzi

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