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2017 food trend predictions: What to look forward to

Watermelon juice, raw Hawaiian poke salad, perfume-inspired cocktails and more...

by: Chanté Felix | 16 Nov 2016
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The HuffingtonPost recently reported that Waitrose (a major British chain supermarket) revealed its annual Food and Drink Report. The report highlights the most popular dishes and beverages of 2016 and also includes food and drink predictions for the coming year.

Even though the report was conducted using British shoppers, we can see some of these trends spreading to South Africa and the world.

Waitrose also revealed that people are now not only expressing themselves through the clothes they wear and the cars they drive but also through food. "From healthy eating and the explosion of food photography on social media, to our desire to entertain others through cooking, food is today’s hottest social currency: through it, we tell others about ourselves." 

Our favourite in the report's "What was in favour in 2016" are, bao buns, vegan diet, seeds and grains, churros and seaweed. 

Here’s what made it onto the 2017 food trends predictions list - 

Watermelon juice. Could Beyoncé's investment in WTRMLN WTR - Cold Pressed Juiced Watermelon be the driving force behind this? 

Polynesian food: Hawaiian poke. Waitrose predicts that this dish consisting of raw fish marinated with lime, soy and sesame will soon be as in demand as sushi was many years ago.

Foodie meal kits. 
With the busy lives we're living we can definitely see this trend emerging. What would be easier than buying a gourmet meal kit with a recipe and the exact ingredients needed to cook it?  


Vegetable yoghurt. How do you feel about carrot, beetroot, sweet potato and tomato infused yoghurts as a savoury accompaniment to your meal?

Perfume-inspired cocktails.
London hotel, Café Royal collaborated with Givenchy fragrances and created 10 fragrance-led cocktails. Can you see this trend emerging in South Africa? 

More food trend predictions that got us excited

The Independent reported that chocolate cake for breakfast will be totally acceptable in 2017. Any reason to eat more chocolate, right? The fact that recent studies recently put the spotlight on the health benefits of cocoa also contributed to this food trend prediction. Just bear in mind that the health benefits of the cocoa is outweighed when combined with too much sugar and fat.

The Wall Street Journal predicts that moringa will be the next superfood. This super green is said to have numerous health benefits including high levels of calcium, potassium, protein and vitamins A,B,C,D and E. Watch out for this super green that grown in parts of Africa, Haiti and Latin America. You might soon be swapping your kale smoothie for a moringa one instead.

Did you know that anything you can do with Matcha can be done with Moringa? Well now you know ?? Via: @zenfulmatcha

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Food24's 2017 food trend predictions 

Our editor, Tessa Purdon, predicts that carrots will be the new cauliflower (trending veggie).

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We will see a rise of single beverage bars – offering only whiskies etc.

Indian ‘tapas’
will also be trendy in 2017.

Which new food trends are you excited to see in SA?

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