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9 crazy food tattoos you have to see

Here's some inkspiration for the foodies!

by: Jade Lawrence | 10 Jun 2016
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Is there a specific food you can eat every single day of your life? Perhaps you like going out and having a good meal at different restaurant on a regular basis? Food Blogger? Chef? Baker? Or you just LOVE food?

But how much love do you have for a particular food or your foodie profession? Enough to get a permanent tattoo on your skin?!

For years people have been getting inked with things that have significant meaning in their lives - so why not be one of them?

Here are a few "inkspirations" to help you whittle it down to your one true favourite:

1. Tacos anyone?

2. Such amazing detail on this burger!

3. The perfect breakfast combo!

4. Sushi

5. Crazy about baking?

6. Donut loving

7. One of the most comman foodie tattoos has got to be the cupcake.

8. The Pho Bo

9. Mushroom

Little mushroom walk in! #blackandgreytattoo #mushroomtattoo #foodtattoo

A photo posted by Chris Barton Tattoo (@chrisbarton2) on

If you have a food tattoo, post it on Instagram and tag as using #food24_sa

- Jade Lawrence

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