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Serious hot cross bun vote: to toast or not to toast?

We won't go into the raisin debate this year... but tell us how you feel a hot cross bun should be best eaten - crispy and crunchy or soft and chewy?

by: Tessa Purdon | 28 Mar 2019
hot cross buns

It doesn't require a walk into your local supermarket to tell you that Easter season is in full swing. And by full swing, I mean the world's food media is bombarding you with 100 ways to cook with marshmallow eggs, and recipes to up your roast lamb game. It's also the window period where hot cross buns are gracing breakfast tables across the land. 

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With such a ritualistic way of eating around this time of year, it's not unusual to find that food traditions and the feelings around them are tenacious, to say the least. 

We asked our Facebook audience how they like to enjoy their hot cross buns and the results showed that apart from various topping preferences, many people like to toast their buns.

For the record, I too, am a firm believer in the crispy toasting of a hot cross bun, and I don't know when I started enjoying them that way. Is it a South African thing? Or is it just because toasting a carb simply results in a deliciously crunchy texture, and the caramelisation of its sweet sugars? (which, let's be honest, is pretty hard to resist!)

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