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Science might have solved the predicted chocolate shortage

The key ingredient in your chocolate bar is said to change! Read more...

by: Chanté Felix | 13 Sep 2016
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Scientists have discovered that they might be able to use wild mango butter as an alternative to cocoa beans in the production of chocolate. Yes, really. A while ago we shared the horrifying news that there could well be a world shortage of our favourite food.

The Telegraph reported that these wild mangoes have very similar chemical, physical and thermal properties as cocoa butter. This would hopefully ensure that the taste isn’t affected too much because who wants chocolate that tastes anything other than chocolate?

Using wild mango butter as an alternative for cocoa butter is also a much healthier alternative. It has a higher moisture content, which might result in a low fat chocolate – preventing many diseases such as diabetes.

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The fact that wild mangos are grown in South East Asia and most cacao production occurs in Africa and Central Latin America might cause problems, Bustle noted.  Because of this, the production costs for this new way of making chocolate will also most likely increase. 

When there was word that there would be a serious chocolate shortage looming in the near future and we were warned to stock up on all our favourites, we were devastated to say the least! Now, we can all just calm down as the problem is potentially being solved. Hooray. 

The anticipated chocolate shortage was due to the simple fact that we’re eating too much chocolate - at least more than what cocoa farmers are able to produce. Drought and fungal disease were some of the main reasons why cocoa production declined drastically. 

Ivory Coast cocoa farmers taste chocolate for the first time.

Now, we can all thank science and mangoes for potentially saving chocolate! Phew.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

- Chante Felix

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