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SA gets its first vegan magazine

THE VEGAN LIFE - ethical eating for plant-nourished people.

31 Jan 2017
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With veganism on the rise, we're excited to announce that South Africa's first vegan magazine is on sale and available at all major stores.

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THE VEGAN LIFE, Media24's new magazine, tells you everything you'll want to know about veganism. It's ideal for already committed vegans and those who are interested in learning more about ethical eating and living. 

The magazine's publisher, Marianne Erasmus, finds the rise in veganism interesting. According to Media24 she says, "It reflects a growing awareness of our impact on the world, because the basis of veganism is not only about what’s good for the individual, but what’s best for the planet. We support the decision to live ethically and the activism behind it and are proud to launch the first vegan magazine in South Africa."

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When purchasing the first issue of this annual 84-page glossy, you can look forward to advice from experts and registered dietitians, how to start a 21-day vegan challenge, vegan recipes and where to find vegan restaurant offerings in South Africa. With all the controversies surrounding veganism we're relived that heated issues, such owing a pet as a vegan, will also be addressed.

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A digital version of the magazine is also available and costs only R 49.00 (print and digital).

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