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Prepare to drool: SA food blogger launches cookbook entirely about chocolate

The Kate Tin's drool-worthy sweet creations can now be found in hard copy and we're excited!

16 Nov 2018
katelyn williams

(images: Hein van Tonder) 

Katelyn Williams of the award-winning blog The Kate Tin released her first cookbook yesterday and you're going to platz when you see it - because it's a book featuring only chocolate recipes! 90 of them to be exact. The chapters are divided into her favourite cravings: crunchy, creamy,  fancy, nostalgic, naughty and speedy.

25kg of chocolate and 9kg of sugar was was used in the making of the book and if you're wondering what happened to all the bakes from the shoot, they were donated to Brownies for Downies.

Katelyn told Food24, "I actually came up with 160 recipes for the book - it wasn't hard with my favourite ingredient and we shot 120 (eeek!) only 90 made it into the book, but over the next few weeks I'll be sharing the recipes that didn't make it into the book on the blog as they were so delicious too!"


Food24 readers will know Katelyn from her monthly baking column. Always wanted to know how to melt butter fast? Bake a cake that comes out perfectly flat without having to cut it? Master the mirror glaze technique? Katelyn has you covered. 

The bubbly, self-confessed sugar lover is a food stylist, food photographer and recipe developer with over 10 years of experience working in TV and magazines. After studying to be a professional pastry chef at the Institute of Culinary Arts in Stellenbosch (she was actually in the same class as our editor, Tessa Purdon), Katelyn worked in various restaurants and hotels before joining Top Billing and eventually becoming Food Editor there. Her journey continued at Expresso Show where she became known for her insatiable sweet tooth and creating recipes that are accessible to all who share her obsession with baking. Katelyn lives in Cape Town with her chocolate-maker husband (no, that isn't a joke). 

Katelyn's hubby, Antonino (or Nino for short) started the local chocolate brand Afrikoa, the first in Africa to use heirloom cocoa beans which you can read all about. Katelyn used the Afrikoa chocolate in all of her recipes for the book, which retails for R380.

We're excited to share a teaser recipe with you - marshmallow log chocolate éclairs.

marshmallow log chocolate eclair recipe

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