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QUIZ: How much do you know about these leading women in the SA food industry?

Make a cup of tea and see how much you know about these influential powerhouses!

by: Julie Donald | 08 Aug 2018

The problem I have with Women’s Day, or Women’s Month is that it singles out women as something unusual. Why do we only sit down to write about women chefs in women’s month? Male chefs tend to be celebrated in the media as “rockstar chefs”, whereas female chefs tend to be relegated to the coffee-shop-and-quiche status.

Not only are there some (female) rock stars out there, the bulk of the food writing, and trend setting is done by women. So, let’s have a look at some women that are kicking it in the food community ALL YEAR ROUND. Test your knowledge and see if you know who really rules the roost. *as all the people mentioned in this quiz are all awesome chefs (and women) from now on they will be referred to as chefs (not female chefs), hint: they are all women.


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