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Our most popular low carb recipe and why Banting isn’t a passing fad

Low carb recipes are still super popular on Food24. Our editor weighs in.

by: Tessa Purdon | 17 Feb 2017

“Isn’t Banting dead?” people often ask me. Well no, it’s not and it only takes a walk down the vegetable aisle in your local supermarket to tell you that.

Zucchini and pumpkin noodles stuffed closely together on the shelves, broccoli kale ‘rice’ and cauliflower mash for days… in fact nearly all the top retail stores have now got a dedicated low carb range so if you think about it, it’s actually never been easier to eat this way. Well – that’s if you don’t mind coughing up a large portion of your salary for the above. Sadly these commercial items are rather costly which is why making your own is just so much cheaper, and that's where we come in!

You haven’t noticed, Food24 has an ever-growing low carb section and it’s become one of the top performing recipe hubs on our site with a generous chunk of our search traffic being generated as a result of the following keyword searches - "Banting recipes", "Banting breakfast" and "Banting diet".

I thought you might find it interesting to know what’s been our most popular low carb recipe to date, and here it is –  beef cottage pie with the ubiquitous cauliflower mash topping. Family-friendly, comforting, wholesome and pretty straight-forward right? It practically epitomizes what Food24’s recipes are all about! Don’t you agree?

Of course we have other standout gems like low carb milk tart sundaes, chocolate orange and nut butter lamingtons, low carb onion rings and these bloody amazing low carb fish tacos (with a how-to video included).

So yes, Banting (or rather low carb eating) is very much still a thing and I haven’t even touched on all the restaurants across SA that are serving carb conscious meals. That’s a whole other kettle of coconut oil.

Right now though I’m encouraging you to try your hand at cooking luscious low carb meals at home. Check out our recipes if you haven’t already and get Pinning.

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