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Oats so good!

Why Jungle Oats has been South Africa’s breakfast of champions for the past 95 years.

12 Nov 2015
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Oats are nature’s perfect energy-source. For almost a century, Jungle Oats has been South Africa’s energy champion. If you’ve ever wondered why Jungle Oats is such a trusted brand, consider the following:

• Jungle Oats are full of fibre, which is essential for heart and colon health: it assists to  lower cholesterol, stabilises blood sugar and prevents constipation (if combined as part of  balanced diet, low in salt and fat)

• Jungle Oats contain important minerals, like iron and zinc and other essentials for good  health.

• Jungle Oats are the perfect breakfast. Oats make an easy-to-prepare, balanced meal that provides sustained energy for the day. They also keep you feeling fuller for longer, and so less likely to snack indiscriminately.

Jungle Oats Marketing Executive, Maria Soares, explains: “Oats are a reliable and wholesome source of long-lasting fuel for your body. Jungle Oats helps you start strong and stay ahead. Whatever kind of champion you are, we have a natural source of energy for you.”

Jungle Oats’ new strap line "Have a good breakfast, you have a big life ahead of you” emphasises the importance of breakfast as essential for sustained energy for mental and physical readiness. No matter who you are, you have the ability to become a champion with the right preparation!

There is a Jungle Oats product perfectly suited to you and your lifestyle. For kids, there is Crunchalots; for people on the run there is the convenient Jungle Oats Instant and the convenient Jungle OatsoEasy range. For the more athletic, there is Jungle Ultra and for families, the original Jungle Oats Hot porridge. New products have been launched, including Jungle Oatso Easy Cups, with instant Jungle Oats, real fruits and nuts. All you have to do is add boiling water, stir and enjoy in the cup.

Jungle Oats’ commitment to helping South African children reach their full potential has seen them feed over 30 million school children over the past five years.  Together with the Tiger Brands Foundation, the campaign “Nourishing young growing minds” means they will continue to provide the most essential meals, breakfast as well as lunch. You can learn more about it at

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