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My day on a plate: Tamara Snow

We've caught up with radio personality, influencer and boss lady, Tamara Snow, for a look at what you eat on your way to taking over the world!

by: Ilse Kleinsmidt | 30 Mar 2020

Journalist, radio personality, entrepreneur and influencer Tamara Snow makes ticking goals and experiences off your bucket list, look easy. In between wearing her many hats we got to get exclusive insight into her dining routine.  


"For me it’s true what they say – breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When I have a good breakfast, I’m more focused and a happier human being. Nobody wants to see hangry Tamara, believe me! During lockdown, broadcasting is an essential service which means I’m on air from 9am to 12pm Mondays to Fridays and on Sunday nights from 10pm. In between I’ll be home spending time with my family and deciding on the next step in my plan to take over the world. What’s important to me, especially during this time, is maintaining a routine. So, I’ve roped my niece in to doing home workouts with me, I’ve set aside time for meditation and reflection and I FINALLY have time to paint the cupboard in my room! Part of my routine is meal prep. I try to eat fairly balanced meals and I find if I prepare my meals for the day, I’m less likely to be a snack monster. For breakfast, my favourite right now is muesli, sliced banana, a dollop of the yumminess that is peanut butter and soy milk. I’m not crazy about measuring portions but I do limit my sugar in take as much as possible. My muesli is sucrose (and wheat) free; the peanut butter I use contains peanuts, flaxseed oil and honey; and the soy milk is unsweetened. I can’t really drink coffee, well, I can but then I’d be bouncing off the walls. I am a sucker for a good cup of herbal tea any time of the day though. Give me anything fruit infused or with ginger in it and we can be friends."



"My lunch is usually pretty simple. If I’m not having leftovers from the night before, a slice of rye bread, cream cheese (spring onion and chives for the win!), a few cherry tomatoes and a sprinkle of parsley hits the spot. You’ll find me eating lunch somewhere between 1 and 3pm - most likely while I’m updating my social media content plan, responding to emails, or brainstorming ideas. Some of the lunch time spots I’ll miss during lockdown is Kauai (it’s been real Thai Crunch Wrap), Nando’s (their Hot Pot though!), Nuri (need I say more?) and Oways (fruit infused tea that will change your life!)."



"I really look forward to supper time for two reasons. One, I get to spend time with my family. Family is so important to me and I love catching up with them at the end of the day. Around the table is my mom, stepdad, niece and sometimes my sister joins us as well. And two, because I get to be creative in the kitchen without having to put in that much effort. Daily Dish has made making yummy, carb conscious meals so easy and so much fun. This week my meals include butter prawn Marsala with green rice, pak choi stir-fry, Banting relish burgers and Cajun chicken, cottage dipper and crispy pots. I decided to go with the chicken dish first and I cannot tell you how good it was! Imagine this; a layer of crispy sweet potatoes topped with cherry tomatoes and pesto, a sweet spiced chunky dipper made of cottage cheese, peppadews, chilli, fennel and finished off with grilled Cajun chicken. My family was so impressed with me! My mom says all I need now is a good man in my life, lol! Maybe after lockdown, mom, maybe after lockdown."


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