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Julia Childs' French home available for rent on airbnb from June

Stay (and cook) in Julia Childs' quaint French cottage.

by: Ceili McGeever | 06 Apr 2016
julia child, summer home,la peetch,cooking,retreat

Julia Child, the famous revolutionary American chef's French country home is now open for you to enjoy!

Not only enjoy - but you can book a stay there on Airbnb from June this year or next year, sign up for the cooking retreats taking place at the home.

The house sits in the ever magnificent Provence and has been kept in a similar fashion, as much as possible, as the Childs had it. Their Summer home promises to become a centre for culinary culture, where you can get back to the roots of French cooking as Julia once did.


La Peetch was built by Julia and her husband, Paul in 1963, both having close ties with the country. The nest has been re-feathered by Yvonne and Makenna Johnston who bought the home just last December. Previously it was run as a cooking school in the 90s, and the couple intend to do the same, both holding a deep passion for cooking and of course Julia's style. These chefs will be taking things back to Julia’s era, cooking in her very kitchen. And the kitchen looks just as Julia would’ve intended it, everything on display. The pots, pans, knives all hanging about like a workshop-style cooking space.

Julia Child is thought of as the chef who gifted Americans with French cooking . After studying at Le Cordon Bleu, she wrote her first bestseller Mastering the Art of French Cooking which even today is a widely respected, culinary triumph and a game-changer in the food world. From there she became a TV personality with her cooking show Julia Child & Company and today her kitchens serve as monuments to chefs and fans. She died at the ripe old age of 91 in 2004, and in 2009 Meryl Street starred as the esteemed chef in the popular film, Julie and Julia.

The cooking retreat will start next year April but until then you can book La Peetch for your Summer holiday from June, sleeping 6 for $590 (R 9,021.98, not that bad right?). We are sure diehard fans have already starting entering those credit card details!

The retreat on the other hand will set you back a whopping $2,950 (R45,082.19). This includes four cooking classes, breakfast and lunch, wine, yoga classes (huh?) and excursions around the local spots, all in the space of one week. Yeah a pretty penny indeed, so perhaps we’ll go with that Airbnb option instead.

julia child, summer home,la peetch,cooking,retreat

julia child, summer home,la peetch,cooking,retreat

julia child, summer home,la peetch,cooking,retreat

(images taken from Airbnb)

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