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Jamie Oliver’s paella tweet that caused an uproar on the internet

There's nothing like a frowned upon, wayward ingredient to get people in a tizzy.

11 Oct 2016

One of the most likeable chefs on the planet and new father of 5,  was shot down on Twitter last week for his inclusion of chorizo sausage in his paella recipe

If you’re unfamiliar with paella, it’s a traditional Spanish rice and seafood dish and evidently the real way of making it does NOT include chorizo - which is a spicy sausage made from pork. Spanish purists took to social media using the hashtag #paellagate to release some of their fury… Who would have thought that a simple ingredient could lead to such indignation?! This just demonstrates how people feel about regional cuisine; it's not to be messed with!

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Jamie didn’t apologise or back down. "It did say my version. That is my version and I stand by it. It's damn good”, He is reported to have told a Canadian TV station.

Although much of the feedback to his tweet was negative, fellow celeb chef, José Andrés (who is Spanish), came to his defense when he tweeted “People of SPAIN! I know you think that photo doesn't look like a paella. But is an "Spanish Arroz..lets give Jamie a break...”

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