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It’s not too late to try Dry January - here’s how

Starting the year with a month of no alcohol can be a challenge. Here are 5 of our best tips

by: Katy Rose | 01 Jan 2020
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Ah the beginning of the year, when we are filled with hope and excitement for what lies ahead. When we are all determined to be richer, healthier, more productive, thinner - anything other than one year older than last year. Dry January - giving up alcohol for the first month of the year - has been gaining momentum with each passing year. Think you’d like to give it a go? Here are some of our best tips: 

1. Safety in numbers

Pair up with a friend, colleague or significant other and support each other through the month of no alcohol. Socialising in particular can be tricky if you’re used to having a beer in hand. Having a partner with you will help with motivation and accountability.

2. Have a back up plan

Plan and shop non-alcoholic beverage ideas ahead of time, so that you can have something interesting and delicious to sip on when you would normally drink alcohol. Mocktails, Rock Shandies and fruit syrups are your friends here. Need some inspo? Read our ultimate booze free drinks guide. 

RECIPE: The Angostura® Rock Shandy – what is Summer without it?

3. Clean out your fridge

Throw out that half bottle of wine or those beers lurking in the veg drawer. Having alcohol nearby will only make it harder to resist, especially in the first week or so.

Drinks, dry january, alcohol free cocktails, south

4. Help out your mates

Teasing and cajoling from your beer-clutching buddies is a very real hazard of giving up drinking. Turn it around, and offer to be the designated driver for your mates. This way, they can relax and have a few beers and also support you in your month-long project. 

5. Go easy on yourself

Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t maintain an unbroken fast throughout the whole month. A glass of wine at your favourite Italian restaurant is not cheating. The goal of Dry January is be more aware of your alcohol consumption. Enjoying a glass of wine consciously is not the worst thing you can do - just don’t down the whole bottle! 

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