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It’s National #EatWhatYouWantDay

Forget about calories today and celebrate with food.

by: Mandy Blankenberg | 11 May 2016
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Today marks National Eat What You Want day! Yes, you heard correct. A day where you can forget all about your strict diet and indulge in your favourite dish - whether it’s a slice of dark chocolate cake, 5 chocolate chip cookies or a juicy burger with all the extras. You don’t have to crave any longer - today is your chance, so go for it.  

According to Days of the Year the idea originated by Thomas and Ruth Roy of to help break away from social norms relating to strict diets and health fads - that negatively impact people’s perspective surrounding healthy living – especially with those who struggle to shed some weight.

How are you going to spend your day? Don’t stress we have compiled a few suggestions on how to celebrate the day with food.

Food24’s 6 suggestions:


Cape Town

The Café Racer in Cape Town
A great place to get burgers and hot dogs to satisfy your crave.

Jason Bakery on Loop Street
Have you been on a strict carb diet? Then a croissant is probably on top of your list.


Windmill on main in Johannesburg
If pizza and pastas are one of your favourite's, try out this café.

Nice in Johannesburg
Make your day a bit sweeter with cakes, coffees and some light meal.


Glenwood Bakery in Durban

They bake a variety of bread and sandwiches perfect for brunch - try it out.

Comida Eatery in Durban
An eatery that specialises in Portuguese chicken and chicken livers - for all you chicken lovers.

Recipes to feast on:

1. Beef burgers

If you’re a garlic lover then this would be a perfect recipe for you – it doesn’t take too long to prepare and the instructions are easy enough.

2. Mini chocolate cups

If chocolate tickles your taste-buds then this recipe is a must to try. It’s cost-effective and can be done in less than 30 min.

3. Chicken and mushroom pie

mushroom, pie, chicken

A quick supper idea if chicken is on your must-eat list. The recipe is an added plus if you’re a mushroom lover.

Happy eating everyone!


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