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Malva pudding is more popular than Peppermint Crisp tart - according to Google

Generally speaking, people find their recipes online these days and you might be surprised to know that when it comes to SA desserts, Malva wins!

31 Oct 2017

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We know. It's not what we expected either. Who would ever have thought that the grand dame of SA puddings would throw the ultra retro, impossibly cool Peppermint Crisp tart off its perch? 

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According to Google search trends, in the past 12 months, there have been more searches in SA for Malva pudding than both Peppermint Crisp tart AND milk tart, with the week before Christmas being the 'busiest' time for searchers. Who serves Malva for Christmas? Clearly a lot of us. 

While we know Malva pudding's powers of seduction - that rich marshmallow-y soft sponge cake soaked with sticky sweet sauce... we felt we needed to know more about what makes Malva so special and why does it trump Peppermint Crisp? 

"It’s the syrupy toffee flavour, and the warm sponge that hits the spot. It’s the ultimate comfort dessert. Also with ice cream, I just love the hot and cold combo!" - Ceili McGeever, Food24 content producer.

"My ouma always hid a 5 cent coin in her Malva pudding for one of us grandchildren to find" - Sophia Swanepoel, Parent24 Editor.

"It’s the ultimate in decadence. It’s the best, most comforting pudding of all time. Sugar and butter explosion!" - Marisa Crous, W24 Fashion and Beauty Editor.

"I love how sweet yet smooth it is. I love it especially when it’s warm and makes me feel all happy inside." - Lynn Butler, Sport24 content producer.

"Every time there is an event at home, where the whole family is in attendance, my mom and her sisters always make a huge batch of Malva pudding (because there are about 25+ cousins alone, not counting our parents) And we have that with homemade vanilla custard. To this day, I never have Malva anywhere but at home, I don’t want to associate it with anything but family and love and everyone being at home at the same time." - Pumi Ntsezo, Food24 intern.

We hope that our Food24 Malva Pudding recipes came up first in all your searches but just in case you didn't find them, Pin this article stat because we're sharing the most drool-worthy Malva recipes here below! 

Malva pudding with white miso and marmalade

Amarula and orange Malva pudding-filled eggs

Caramel Malva pudding with Cognac pears

Rooibos Malva pudding


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