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I survived Dry January: The good, the bad and the ugly

Self-confessed thirsty beer enthusiast, Tank Lanning gives up his favourite drink for a whole month. Did he make it through? Only just...

by: Tank Lanning | 04 Feb 2019
no alcohol

Ahhh, January, the month of “New beginnings” they say. 

Fulfilling said cliché, I actually do start each year with a booze and carb-free January. I see it as my “Recalibration” month; one that clears the mind and sets the scene for the year. Lest one stumbles from month to month, and year to year, sans any introspection. And sans any lessening of the pressure from the belt! 

This year I threw in a three day juice cleanse, which came with its own challenges and benefits, but having got through the dry month relatively unscathed, a gander at the good, the bad, and the ugly...

The good

Feeling tremendous after finishing a 30km cycle followed by a 600m swim. This after the gym scale virtually let out a sigh of relief given that there was 8.5 kg less of me to measure! The less measurable good, though, is the amount of time one suddenly has at one’s disposal. Less time partying and no time hungover sees one eventually getting to that office filing, doing those DIY jobs you have been putting off, and starting that online course you have been threatening to do for months! And after a better kip at night, mornings are pure joy!


The bad

It’s a snore-a-thon! Being that oke reaching for his Coke Light at the braai while others sprout forth on the brand new Savvy B from Lukas Wentzel is tragically boring. As is ordering one’s sparkling mineral after a hard fought pre-season win at the Ikey Tigers pub. But the imbibe I missed most was the glass of red that goes with what has become a family tradition in our house – the Sunday afternoon braai. A beautifully crafted medium rare rump steak with the big chunk of fat nicely crisped up is just not the same without that glass of deep, rich Merlot. In fact, it’s pretty sad! 

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The ugly

Making small talk at social functions! Cycling the Argus on a bike sans a saddle has more appeal for me than hammering on about the weather with some troop you have just met at a function one simply cannot get out of. Doing it without a glass of crispy white in hand borders on cruel and unusual punishment. As is seeing even your good mates completely smashed while sipping on your third litre of sparkling water. Nope, I am afraid telling me that same “Un-believable story” for the third time does not make it three times as funny or interesting! 

Would I do it again? You can bet your next gin and tonic on it!

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