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5 Ways to the perfect Winter lunchbox

Chilly days at work or school call for only the warmest tastiest foods - that can be portable enough to carry without spillage. Here are a few ideas to make your Winter lunchbox one to envy!

by: Julie Donald | 29 Apr 2019
curry and rice in a lunchbox

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Every January we start the back to school season with bright ideas for lunchboxes, but by dark mid-Winter, it seems like all those ideas are “too Summery” and all efforts have given way to peanut butter sandwiches or a croissant from the coffee bar.  

So forthwith, my lunch box list, the Winter Edition:

Soups are the perfect tummy-warming, healthy, Winter food.  They can be made in bulk, freeze well and the variety is endless. They can be pureed, creamy, hearty, vegetarian, meaty…  you name it. Check out some of our most delicious soup recipes.

vegetable soup recipe

Make use of your thermos

Use your thermos to make sure the contents stay lovely and warm.  This is perfect for school lunches and people that don’t have access to a kitchen/microwave at work. Obviously, you can use your thermos to keep your soup warm, but thermos food is by no means limited to soup.  When purchasing a thermos select one with a wide neck that fits a spoon so you can fill it with scrummy meals. Insulated coffee mugs with a tight-fitting lid also work well. Some of my favourite thermos meals are scrambled egg, meatballs and noodles (or zoodles) and baked beans with sliced sausage.  

Check out these 10 meatball ideas

pork tahini meatball recipe

Stacked lunchboxes

Use a stacked lunch box to keep all your elements separate to prevent a squishy mush of lunch.  Some elegant tiered stainless-steel ones are even insulated to keep your goodies warm/cool.  Try filling your tiers with curry, rice and sambals; chilli, tacos and salad or even baked potatoes and toppings. Find some freshly baked potato ideas.

baked potato recipe

Leftovers and re-heatables

If you have left-over food, pack it for the next day or (if you are anything like me and don’t like eating the same thing two days in a row) freeze it for another day. Foods that freeze and reheat well, are things like macaroni cheese, and other kinds of pasta and the-number-one-rib-sticking-winter-food… stew! See our guide to making the best stew and 12 hearty stews that will make the chilly season bearable!

cannellini bean stew recipe

One-hand wonders

These gems can be packed in a regular lunchbox and can be warmed or eaten straight away. So-named because you can eat them while driving. Just a few ideas that can be warmed or eaten as is. Mini frittatas (or omelette muffins), regular muffins, pies, falafel, chicken drumsticks and hot dogs. Most of these can be frozen and taken out in the morning before leaving for work. Take a look at these 5 breakfast muffin ideas!

breakfast muffins with oats and seeds recipe

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