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Gordon Ramsay tells you to F*&K OFF in your own kitchen!

And our hearts couldn’t be fuller.

21 Feb 2018
Gordon Ramsay


To much delight, you can be lambasted by the legendary Gordon Ramsay while trying to prepare your own gourmet meal at home.

Alexa, an interactive voice activated personal assistant that talks back to you, has added a Skill feature that allows users to feel the heat of a real Kitchen Nightmare in person.

When users ask their device aloud about their best steak recipe, if their chicken looks overdone or if Gordon will taste your grandmother’s bobotie, he then responds with a classic quip about how you probably suck at everything.

Undoubtedly, rated mature...duh, you idiot sandwich.

Remember that time Gordo and Nataniël made an advert for Checkers? That was amazing.


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