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Gordan Ramsay gives his fans feedback on their cooking - with hilarious results

A few aspiring cooks get their culinary skills roasted by the world's 'rudest' chef!

by: Mandy Blankenberg | 14 Feb 2017

(Picture credits: Instagram Gordon Ramsay)

Twitter has become a great platform to engage in trending threads, and Gordon Ramsay's fans weren't hesitant to participate when he gave fans around the globe the opportunity to receive feedback on their culinary skills.

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All it required was a tweet - "Rate my dinner out of 10 @GordonRamsay " with a photo of a homemade meal. Some were fortunate enough to receive positive feedback (we're shocked too!) however others weren't as lucky - and were faced with the infamous crude remarks that only someone like Gordan Ramsay can dish out!

Take a look...

1.  "Are you in a biology lesson?"

2. "Idiot sandwich right there!"

3. "Looks good Ashley"

4. "Painful"

5. "Who stole your Asparagus tips? Lost for words"

6. "1 out of 10....for the table mat...Idiot sandwich"

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