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Get the rid of the office kitchen thief with these awful but clever revenge pranks

4 pranks that will make you check your food thoroughly - each and every time.

by: Mandy Blankenberg | 19 Apr 2017


If you're a fan of stuffing your belly full of your colleagues' stored goodies from the office fridge, we would want to advise you to keep your sneaky fingers all to yourself. And if you aren't guilty of this rampant office problem, stay put - there are ways to get rid of those food thieves!

These days it doesn't require much science to plot an ingenious revenge prank, not with all the strategic step-by-step guides at your disposal on the world wide web just waiting to assist you to accomplish your most daring prank.

We have selected some of the brainiest food pranks to help save the day.

The lizard flavoured pizza

If you have experience staring off into an empty space where your suppose to be leftover food were, then you should be able to correlate with this couple. Luckily according to Foodbest this couple had just the perfect idea to get rid of their thief. They took two slices of pizza: cut it in half, placed two dead lizards inside and reheated it. Classic!


The cardboard fried chicken steak
A Chinese student came up with a genius idea to combine two cardboard pieces to resemble a steak-shaped fried chicken, according to The Sun, he dipped the cardboard in an aromatic chicken stew followed by a dip in breadcrumbs before frying.

Credit: CEN

The sandwich maker
According to Mashable the faith of Redditor vollkoemmenes sandwhich was next to nothing when he called his wife a 'sandwich maker'. His wife then decided to sabotage his sandwich in the most horrific way imaginable. She perfectly arranged the sandwich with ham and cheese as per usual - except she never took off the cheese wrapper. She definitely nailed it.

Credit: Imgur

The breast milk coffee creamer
Running out of milk can be an inconvenience, but stealing your colleague's creamer is never an option – especially when it's actually breast milk! According to SELF, the picture first went viral on Facebook revealing the brilliant revenge technique by filling up her milk bottle with her own breast milk.

Credit: Breastfeeding Mama Talk (Facebook)


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