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From OTT macarons to craft butter: 9 exciting dessert and baking trends we’ll be seeing in 2019

Are you ready for a new year of new and thrilling baking trends to obsess over?

by: Katelyn Williams | 29 Dec 2018

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2018 was the year when glitter had us giddy, the charcoal trend was on fire (sorry!) and the letter cake (which was actually a tart) had us both confused and delighted. So, which bakes and desserts will tempt us in 2019? Here’s how I’m calling it: 

1. Bakes with arty touches

Splatters, drips, layered smears and oil-painting frosting techniques will adorn cakes, baby cakes and cookies. The colours will be as important with carefully curated and blended colour swatches. Shapes will be strong, sharp and concrete-look frosting finishes will be big!

2. Good-For-You Desserts

Is it really a treat if it’s loaded with healthy ingredients like kombucha, Rooibos, moringa, kefir or quinoa? Hello, second helpings! 

3. Geometric shapes

Hexagonals, squares, triangles and strong lines which we’ve been seeing a lot in interior design trends naturally have made their way onto plates and cakes.

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4. Upscaled macarons

We’ve been obsessed with macarons for a while now, but next year we’ll be upping the ante by taking the French cookie to another level. In 2018 we saw macarons intricately painted and piped with miniature buttercream roses, this year, we’re all about making them even more delicious by stuffing them with ice cream and other innovative fillings. 

5. The rise of the slice

Sometimes, when I order dessert and my ‘lemon meringue pie’ arrives as a pile of crumbs, a scoop of ice cream and a smear, I think ‘just give me a damn piece of pie’. Well, it’s finally happening. Pastry chefs are showing off their skills by serving the perfect slice and I couldn’t be happier!

6. Rolling in the sourdough

As the evidence grows that slow-fermented bread may be easier to digest, we’ll be seeing sourdough popping up in everything from waffles, cookies, doughnuts, scones and even chocolate cake. Gut-healthy bakes? Count us in!

7. Elevated ice ice, baby

Ice cream, sorbets and popsicles are getting vegan twists and artisinal flavours with unique bases such as avocado, hummus, tahini and coconut water. Boozy popsicles are all the rage! 

8. Heirloom grains and flours

Just when you’ve become used to living a gluten-free life, it turns out that baked goods and cereals might not be the enemy after all - especially when they’re stone ground to keep all the good stuff inside. With options such as spelt, Kamut, freekeh, sorghum, barley and buckwheat flour, each with their own flavour, texture and nutrients, why would you want to bake with just one kind of flour?

9. Craft butter

What’s bread without the butter? And if you’re baking with carefully grown, wholesome grains, then you’re going to want only the best butter to spread on it. Butter’s renaissance continues as it gets even fancier. With everything from coffee to chocolate getting the artisanal treatment, why not butter? Which trend are you excited for? Let us know in the comments below. 

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