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Food has turned goth and it's amazing

Food is the!

by: Jade Lawrence | 14 Jul 2016
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With so many new food trends hitting the internet, you must have come across black foods making their rounds on social media. The deep colour of these dark creations captures the souls of adventurous palates.

The black hue is created by using either treated powder or oil from bamboo or coconut, activated charcoal or squid ink which is rich in iron and antioxidants. It is known that activated charcoal has a few health benefits, including helping to promote a healthy digestive tract, alleviating gas and bloating, reducing high cholesterol, treating body odour and acne. Who knew!

Get ready to get sucked into the dark realm of foods:

1. Black ice-cream is trending in the foodie world at the moment!

2. How about this squid-ink and pea puree! Something different, yet still sophisticated!

3. 3. Normal golden brown buns just won't do the trick after you tried a black roll!!!

4. A stand-out dessert!

Delicious treats this morning #blackwaffle #toppaddock #melbourne

A photo posted by tyevanj (@tyevanj) on

5. Black churro's? Yes, please!

6. Having a bad start to your day, need something to go with your mood? A black croissant is it!


A photo posted by Audrey Yiting Yao (@audrey_yiting) on

7. Squid ink pasta has been in our presence for a while now, sets a great backdrop for topping and add-ons.

8. Black rice??!!

. The black burger, another craze that had people going insane!

#lastfridays #og #blackburger

A photo posted by Mateja Škafar (@matejaskafar) on

10. Even our raw food is changing to dark side!

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- Jade Lawrence

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