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Dunkin Donuts headed for Cape Town domination

We met with Dunkin Donuts spokesperson, Rozanna Kadar, to find out all you need to know about their upcoming opening.

05 Oct 2016
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Last year it was Krispy Kreme, then came Starbucks and now at the end of 2016 we're being treated to Dunkin Donuts. It seems South Africa is finally getting its U.S confectionery fix, so now we can all rest and live out our American Dreams.

What you need to know about Dunkin Donuts

Firstly, despite what the name suggests, their main feature and focus is coffee with baked goods and donuts coming next. This is the way it has been since their opening in 1950. It was in fact the customers that gave the coffee shop its name, as it was very popular (and still is) to dunk your donut in your coffee. Some of us might still need to get our heads around this one.

Grand Foods, the company behind Burger King has been given a master franchise for Dunkin Donuts for the whole of SA. The plans underway involve five to six stores in the Western Cape by the end of the year, with one operating in each metropole. There will be two in Cape Town central area. The objective is to create convenience to customers and this is also why they are creating spaces that cater to customers who want to work at the coffee shops, providing plug points and table space.

What can you expect?

You will be able to have an experience that replicates that of Dunkin Donuts in the U.S. 'What we have done,' Rozanna explained, 'is we have taken the base of the American menu, and found local elements for them'. The donuts are identical, and at this point are going to be imported frozen (yes we know, gasp!). However plans for full localization of products have been approved so eventually they will be made here. The coffee and the Bavarian cream (Boston cream donut) are the only other imports, everything else is sourced locally, including donut toppings, and it must also be noted that the ownership of Dunkin Donuts is also entirely South African.

You can look forward to a variety of donuts, wraps, torpidos and bagels all based on the classic Dunkin Donuts offering but given a local flare. 'There's something that you can do all day' explained Rozanna, '(Dunkin) is about creating a convenient place for our guests where they can pop in at anytime of the day and enjoy something'. They will cater for breakfast and lunch, or you can pop in for a sneaky afternoon donut.

'We have understood that the pallet is slightly different in SA and we are looking at that' Rozanna explained. For example the traditional salmon and cream cheese bagel will be made with Franschhoek trout.

Rozanna told Food24 that pricing is affordable and that they have developed a menu where prices suit all kinds of pockets. If you are looking for something indulgent that costs a bit more, they've got it, otherwise if you are on a budget, then you will be able to still satisfy your you Dunkin desire. Donuts will be the same price no matter what flavour you choose, and combo deals will also be offered.

Keep an eye out on social media for the grand opening date, and get involved in the challenges at

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