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Dial-A-Koesister: Cape Town's genius answer to those sweet treat cravings

Two Capetonians have created a clever business providing residents of Wynberg with their weekly sweet treat. Read more...

26 Jan 2018

(images: Dial-A-Koesister Facebook)

Guys - this might just be the best thing we've seen all week! In fact, it definitely is. 

Two Capetonians from Wynberg, Abdurageem Randal and his cousin Juwayda Daniels have stumbled on the most genius business idea ever... delivering koesisters to people's houses on Sunday mornings. 

Say hello to Dial-A-Koesister!

Unlike the plaited, syrup-coated koeksisters that many of us are familiar with, koesisters are rounded shapes of dough, boiled in syrup, spicier than koeksisters (with aniseed, cinnamon, ginger and naartjie peel) and covered with desiccated coconut. Delicious!

“We were sitting around the table one Saturday night arguing who is going to get up Sunday morning, myself or my sister-in-law Faieka", Abdurageem  told The Daily Voice. 

Enjoying homemade koesisters on Sundays is a quintessential Cape Flats tradition so the cousins knew they would have a throng of hungry customers. 

How it works:

> You simply Whatsapp your order through to Abdurageem (Find his number on their Facebook page).

> Orders need to be in by 9pm on Saturday night. 

> It will cost you R10 for 3 koesisters.

> They deliver across Cape Town and charge R2 a km to any areas outside of Wynberg. 

Homemade Cape koesisters straight to your door every Sunday. Could life get any better? 


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