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‘Dessert is served’ - watch the new mouth-watering trailer for Chef's Table: Pastry

The most exquisite food documentary series is back for Season 4.

by: Shaina Herman | 20 Mar 2018
chefs table, pastry

IMAGES: Netflix YouTube

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In 2015 Netflix produced a documentary about the greatest chefs of today, Chef’s Table. It is a masterpiece, edited in perfect synchronicity with highly acclaimed chefs showing off their artistry. The soundtrack is Pavlovian; salivating, where viewers' eyes are locked onto the vivid imagery of the series. 

Releasing on April 13, Season 4 will feature a mini-season of pastry Gods who specialise in delicious. From cakes to chocolate to gelato, the four highly acclaimed chefs will make your sweet tooth tingle.

Don't be surprised if your eyes well up as nostalgia and joy overcome you, in just a minute and a half. 

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