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Crazy Americans are spending over R1000 rand on just 1 meatball

Is World Meatball Day a good excuse to drop a grand on a gourmet ball of meat?

09 Mar 2018
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IMAGES: iStock, Davio's NYC social media 

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We already know New York City is an international culinary hub where you can get absolutely anything. We know New York is home to giant slices of pizza, millions of fast talking people and the wealthy wolves of Wall Street. 

On World Meatball Day, Davio's NYC will be a mecca for a no-budget meatball, taking this traditional homemade dish to an elite status.

Start with a marbled Wagyu beef, add mushroom truffles, stuff with foie gras, top with cheese and wash down with a glass of fine Italian wine. A price tag of 100 USD (R1190) seems steep, but this meatball looks seriously magnificent. 

meatballs, meatball day

Watch how this opulent meatball is made: 

We'd be lying if we said we didn't want a mega meatball right now.

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