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Cooking with Tito: How SA's Finance Minister is fast becoming a food hero on Twitter

The reason you should be following the Minister of Finance. And it's not for the money talk.

by: Tessa Purdon | 28 May 2019
tito mboweni beef stew recipe

It's no surprise that our Minister of Finance is a real foodie, and apart from eating out at his favourite restaurants, the man is a serious cook. Last week he live-tweeted the making of a chicken stew. Check out the thread

In keeping with the Winter comfort food theme, this week he's back with a beef stew recipe and his tweets have had us glued to our screens with grumbling tummies. Tito documents each step of the process, thoughtfully styling his mise en place and infusing his posts with clever and witty captions like, "cooking needs time. It’s like drawing up the National Budget. Time and patience!"

We love that the political head of the National Treasury is so enthusiastic about his cooking - and sharing the action as it happens. Could there be a side hustle to explore here, Tito? 

Be sure to keep following Tito Mboweni @tito_mboweni for more food inspiration! We can't wait to see what he plans to cook next!

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