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Amsterdam to open Europe's first all avo restaurant

How much avocado could you handle?

17 Jan 2017

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How much do you love avo? If you're reading this, chances are a substantial amount. But avocado with everything? Is that not going a bit too far? Apparently not for 'The Avocado Show', an upcoming avo-loving café in The Netherlands.

In SA we've been munching on this nourishing green fruit for decades but in recent years, the world has gone avo crazy giving the fruit a prominent hipster stamp of approval, enabling it to become overused and annoyingly trendy at times.

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The surge in avo demand in the US and Europe was widely talked about, featured in popular culture and became the subject of multiple memes. It became the most iconocised fruit, earning itself an emoji, putting it up there with the burger and doughnut. If you didn't serve smashed avo and poached eggs on toast then you might as well not have been open for brunch in 2015. 

If you thought this trend was going anywhere, think again. Its links to deforestation and a growing shortage prove that people are still demanding it in 2017. The issue was even coined by a San Antonio news channel as the 'Guacalypse' due to the fruit's excessive use of water and potential American extinction.

Meeting the demands of the people, a restaurant in Amsterdam will now open its doors as Europe's first dedicated avo café, The Avocado Show, in the suitably hip area of De Pijp.

It's the first of its kind, however, last year, London, dabbled with an avo obsessed pop-up, serving a 5-course avo brunch.

Owner of The Avocado Show, Ron Simpson explained to Munchies (Vice), that the avocado has become a staple in so many diets and eating habits, making it a trend that is here to stay.

He also told them that his inspiration came from the growing trend in mono dishes and restaurants like burger joints and restaurants cerebrating a single ingredient.

The Avocado Show is set to open in February. See their Facebook page for more details.

Aaah yes, our avo bun burger. Best served with some nacho’s and a jungle in the back. #theavocadoshow

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