Grain fed beef is very unhealthy - buy grass fed beef

The very real dangers of eating grain fed beef and the benefits of grass fed animals.

by: Ray - Gourmet Butcher | 29 Nov 2013

Organic food became the rage overseas while we were living in the UK. My initial response was that it was a money making racket, it was extremely expensive and besides, is there really any difference in the quality of organic food to normal food?

I’m sure many South Africans feel the same. A few years later I began to investigate the difference between these two and I was shocked!

Before we look at the differences between grain fed beef and grass fed, let us consider items we buy in the supermarket. If you look at the label they are full of “E Numbers”, which are in fact man made chemicals that are added to food to enhance their flavouring.

Grass fed vs grain fed beef

Let us consider the cow and the chicken. The chicken was designed to eat grain as its staple diet and it has a very thick stomach. 

A cow was designed to eat grass. It has no way of digesting grain, so what happens is that the cow gets sick, its lungs begin to collapse and to keep it alive, the farmer injects it with antibiotics. It’s a proven fact that antibiotics can cause weight gain.

Twenty ago, things changed in South Africa, big business took over, informing farmers that to remain profitable they had to change their way of farming and begin farming using feed-lots. Vast surpluses of grain meal, produced in mass,  helped expand the cattle-feeding industry.

Now animals, many of which have never seen a blade of grass, are fattened on unnatural diets, with added hormones and antibiotics and churned out for slaughter in little more than a year. This efficient industrial process guarantees that there will always be plenty of meat at your local supermarket and that it will consistently be inexpensive.

It’s costing us.

One need only look to the beef-loving country Argentina. Though Argentina leads the world in per-capita red meat consumption, the country enjoys lower numbers in deaths-per-1000 of heart disease, diabetes and cancer. And, yes, Argentina has specialized in grass-fed beef production for centuries.

Something else to consider is that most commercial grain in South Africa is Genetically Modified (GMO). What is this grain doing to the animals and to us who are eating the meat? Read more about this...

Omega oils and CLA

The fat of grass fed beef contains omega 3 and CLA, both very important in our diets. Grain fed beef contains omega 6 which can increase heart disease, but very little of the good omega 3. .

The ratios of omega-6 to omega-3 approach 20 to1. Good quantities of these help prevent heart disease, stroke, rheumatoid problems, depression and many other diseases. CLA in grass fed animals produce 2 to 4 times more than their grain fed counterparts.

So do you love your body? Start eating healthy meat.

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