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The Food24 Heritage Day braai guide

All you need for today's braai-a-thon!

by: Tessa Purdon | 21 Sep 2018

Hopefully you don’t need any reminding that Monday is Heritage Day. Over the years, this public holiday has become synonymous with a favourite SA past time. Yip… you guessed it – braaing!

We’ve got thousands of fantastic braai recipes on Food24 but we thought it would be best to pick a few of our favourites and pop them all in one easy place for your convenience. Speaking of convenience, Checkers are taking Heritage Day to another level by delivering boerewors to your doorstep. No jokes!

Now, there are stacks more things - other than dear old boerewors, that you can cook on the coals. Here are Food24’s top braai recipes that you simply must try!

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Creamy beef potjie – enriched with silky smooth cream cheese.

Sticky chicken wings – did you know that eating any form of poultry with your hands is an acceptable form of etiquette in high society?

Whole braaied snoek – just add apricot jam for true SA flavour!

Pork ribs – with a sweet finger-lickin’ marinade.

Butterflied leg of lamb – this will feed a crowd!

Lemon, basil and lime chicken skewers – fresh and zingy.

Moving onto the carbs..

Bacon beer bread – yes, we can hear the angels singing too!

Pizza on the braai – go wild with your favourite toppings.

Roostekoek – fill them with cheese, jam or simply a knob of salted butter.

Mielie roostekoek - same same but different.

Biltong, mushroom and feta pap tert – a modern, fresh twist on the traditional pap tert.

Tips for the perfect braaibroodjies – we take braaibroodjies very seriously!

Top 10 bread recipes for the braai – including garlic bread, low carb cauliflower bread and more!

Side dishes to savour

15 of the very best braai side dishes – A good side dish really completes your braai menu.

4 incredible low carb side dishes to go with your braai – Banters, these are for you!


The BLT cocktail - this is going to be the 'it' cocktail of the Summer season.

Light and fruity braai wines for Heritage Day - our wine editor has chosen the best wines top pair with braai food.

8 awesome Shirazes to go with your braai – if you don’t like wine, then how about a frosty craft beer?

Cucumber and ginger fizz – a super refreshing and Summery drink best enjoyed outside in the sunshine.

Mojito – with loads of crushed ice and mint

Hitting the sweet stuff- dessert

Peppermint Crisp ice cream cake – the easiest and most delicious dessert in the whole wide world and the ultimate crowd-pleaser.

Homemade Crunchies – crunchy honeycomb enveloped in a thick layer of milk chocolate.

Lemon fridge tart – a retro classic revisited.

Cinnamon milk tarts in a glass – if you want to get all fancy like.

Amarula malva pudding
- I mean!

Spiced Cape Brandy pudding - With a decent kick of SA's finest brandy (if you weren't aware, we are officially the world's best brandy producers!)

Heritage Day only comes around once a year - so go big or go home!


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