Pig rectum calamari

Enjoying your calamari? You might be eating a pig's rectum.

Calamari Pig Rectum, Fake Foods

What the hell is going on?

Sure, some people are totally awesome and adventurous with eating, but most of us like to know what we are chowing, and choose not to eat certain animals for certain reasons.  We have the right to do this.  It’s our choice.

Within the last couple of weeks we’ve seen multiple articles relating to alternative food products replacing what you thought you were actually eating. The trickery!

Tesco discovered horse meat in their "beef" burgers.  And a month back, we witnessed the deception of a local Capetonian establishment serving up meals we’d probably have eaten, but actually thought were eating a better, finer product.

Where do we draw the line?  I draw it at pig rectum.  Yes, according to Huff Po and NPR, that’s one of the many food deceptions occuring, replacing calamari for pig hole.

The statement by Ben Calhoun of NPR  in the States sort of sums up the question we have:

“In Restaurants everywhere, right this second, people are squeezing lemon wedges of crispy, golden, rings, dipping the rings into marinara sauce, and they’re eating hog rectum.  Now they’re chewing – satisfied and deeply clueless.  It’s payback for our blissful ignorance about where our food comes from and how it gets to us. “

Is it our responsibility to find out what’s in our food?

 This day and age if you read the back of packaging there are unpronounceable words of stabilizers and preservatives that we have no idea about, but we still drink Oros don’t we?  We don’t even know what’s in it, it probably stains our insides.
Look, there’s a clear difference between serving up mans best friend and burger, but do we ask?  Do we even concern ourselves with what goes into the food we eat at restaurants, the food we take home? 

So, honestly, where’s the line between pig “bung” and all the other crap we put into our bodies without even asking?

By: Shaina Herman




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