KFC shark advert is causing a stir

The KFC shark advert that spoofs Mich Fanning's near attack is not making being well received in Australia.

21 Oct 2015

We all saw the near shark attack on Australian surfer Mick Fanning at Jeffrey's Bay earlier this year. Mick and fellow surfer Julian Wilson were competing in the J-Bay Open Final when a great white shark famously interrupted proceedings. Thankfully neither surfer was hurt, and in a press conference after the incident Fanning even joked about getting a punch in. The internet accordingly exploded with memes and funnies over the incident, and now KFC South Africa have brought out a TV add for their 'Double Crunch Burger' that parodies the famous incident (we don't see how there is a link between what happened and the fast food brand?).

Many thought the advert was in bad taste, especially considering victims of shark attacks, and their families, who might see it. It's one thing renting a movie like Sharknado or Jaws - it's quite another just watching TV and being reminded of a traumatic incident.

The advert went viral, and many people thought it was very funny - but not everyone was happy about it.

According to BBC News, Mick Fanning's mother Elizabeth Osborne is fuming about it. She is even rumoured to be gearing up to sue KFC South Africa according to mpora.com

KFC Australia have also distanced themselves from the advert. A spokesperson said in a statement to AFP, “The advertisement has been produced in South Africa. KFC Australia is very sensitive to the situation in Australia and this is not the type of ad we would choose to show here”. 

Watch the advert and decide for yourself. Do you think it's insensitive? Irrelevant? Or, quite funny actually?

KFC South Africa has yet to comment on the advert.


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