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How to get my blog featured on food24

A roundup of helpful tips.

21 Jul 2011

Blogs are a wonderful and personal thing and it is not for us to judge the content.

This said, we do have a few criteria that we look for when featuring a blog higher up on our pages and there are certain elements that we need for it to be a perfect fit for food24.


They need to be of high quality. Not everyone is a stylist with a great camera and often the only time to cook and blog is in the evening when it is not ideal to take good photographs.

People ‘eat with their eyes’ and it is without doubt the most important part of a recipe in the print and online world where high quality graphics can be showcased.


- Photograph your food in good light, it makes the world of difference.

- Try to style your dish to make it look as appetising and lick-able as possible.

- Photograph your food in landscape as well as portrait – our front page main ticker spot is a long landscape shot and a portrait shot can be the reason as to why we don’t showcase it.

- Try not to get too close-up. Close-ups are great, but not too close. Sometimes you can’t really see what it is and then your dish looks un-appetising.

- Keep things in focus, it is important to have crisp high resolution pictures. Anything slightly blurry is a no-no.

- Try to have most of the picture in focus.

- Keep things colourful, it is eye-catching. With that in mind, if your dish is not very colourful (which it can’t always be) use garnishes/bright props to add some colour.

- Props: don’t go too crazy – simple is always better. Focus on the food and pick up colours in subtle ways like a napkin/tablecloth/background.

- Take lots of different angles and you can choose the best when you download to your computer. Think of your composition and go with your gut on what looks good.

Recipe writing

- Use the correct measurements eg: A tablespoon = tbsp and teaspoon = tsp.

- Use a simple template and stick to it, don't chop and change. 

- Explain things as simply as possible and don't expect the reader to know what you're talking about. You are used to cooking and the techniques but remember that some people are not.

- Include the number of servings your recipe makes.

News24 and other platforms

Food24 is showcased on,  and .

There is a vast difference between the audience of news24 and food24. News24 has a large and decidedly un-foodie audience. Through trial and error and lots of stats crunching we have realized that it’s the staples that work.

Things like macaroni and cheese and anything curry or braai does well. A great spag bol or pork sausage dishes fly (in the thousands) where things like risotto or hollandaise sauce will return only a few hundred hits.

So if you’d like to see yourself on or any of our other platforms, do a couple of blogs that showcase simple, easy-to-make food that is traditionally popular.  Use ingredients that are not unusual, can be found anywhere and keep the name simple.

We use the same idea when choosing content for and

Easy weekday meals

This is a newsletter we send out weekly on Mondays – sign up here if you’re not already. It goes out to about 8500 subscribers and it gets us a lot of traffic. We like to include recipes from the database and that means blogger recipes if they are simple, easy to make and can be prepared and cooked in 30 minutes or less.

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