Funniest baking puns following #SABakeOff fail

Fans turn to social media to express their disappointment of a "no-show".

07 Oct 2015

We've been waiting for months... MONTHS for the Great South African Bake Off to air on Dstv BBC Lifestyle. The SA version of the popular British cooking reality show has had audiences setting their PVRs in eager anticipation for the show that was set to "go live" at 8pm last night. 

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It was a rather disappointing and probably humiliating situation for the TV channel.. because sadly the show (for reasons unknown) failed to air leaving fans crestfallen and glum, and wondering really... what on earth happened?!

BBC Lifestyle tweeted: "Due to a technical issue, we're not able to bring the premiere of #SABakeOff at 20:00. Apologies. Updates to follow".

The SA audience and fans of the show took to social media questioning the error and coming up with some quite amusing puns in the process. Here are a few of our favourites!

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