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From chick flicks to chick sips

Food24 columnist and restaurateur Cathy Marston realises that if there's chick lit and chick flicks then there must be chick sips.

by: Cathy Marston | 18 Dec 2008

I was chilling over a glass of more-than-decent wine this week – as is my wont – and I found myself thinking of Bridget Jones.

At first, this surprised me, as I am no great fan of either the book or the film. I have enough big pants in my life, thank you very much. But then I realised that I had just overheard the next table talking about 'chick flicks' and 'chick lit' and I realised from whence the Jones connection had sprung.

Click flicks, chick lit... chick sips?
I think they're both really interesting phrases – they encapsulate very neatly a whole big cloud of ideas about liberated, independent women, possibly bitches in the boardroom, but nevertheless, as fond of a good weepie film and box of choccies as the next 50's housewife. If these women see chick flicks and read chick lit, then is it reasonable to assume that they perhaps drink 'chick sips'?

But how does a drink qualify to be a chick sip?

Well for a start, I think it has to have style. I have noticed a huge upsurge in people drinking rosé wine these days. I am certain it is to do with the fact that all the winemakers seem to have got the same advice from their packaging gurus because no self-respecting rosé would be seen dead this season unless it has a clear bottle with silver and white accessories. No more mouldy old-fashioned labels on dark bottles containing sicky-sweet glow-in-the-dark gloop for the chicks who are sipping in my bar these days.

Twist, click and pour
Another prerequisite for a chick sip wine is a screwcap – yes, a screwcap folks. If there are any dinosaur men out there who still believe that women are turned on by the ‘romantic sound’ of a cork popping out of the bottle then now is the time to disillusion you. Take it from me, the sight of your beloved struggling for ten minutes with a corkscrew just so he can create a noise reminiscent of a hungry child with a nipple – doesn’t really put you in the mood if you know what I mean. Today's chick sipper wants it fresh, fruity and most importantly – fast, so no more fiddling around – just twist, click and pour.

My final feeling about chick sippers is that they don't do cheap. As every L'Oreal girl knows, 'we're worth it' and whether it's our money we're spending, our company's money or our date’s money – we're worth top drawer.

So with these criteria in mind, these are my top three chick sips this summer :

  • Springfield Special Cuvée Sauvignon Blanc (finally in screwcap, cheers, cheers)
  • Jordan Chameleon Rosé (so pretty, so chic)
  • Bollinger (although not in a screwcap it is the ultimate chick sip)

    You've read the books, you've seen the movies, now sit back, drink the drink and tell me what you think the perfect chick sip should be. Here's looking at you girls...

    Cathy Marston is the owner of The Nose Restaurant & Wine Bar and a fulltime, professional eater and drinker. Any food, any drink, anywhere, anytime...

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