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Foie gras: Your views part 2

by: Food24 readers | 08 Nov 2006

I think foie gras is a disgusting way of mistreating animals. I have never eaten or even tasted this "delicacy" and do not plan to ever. I saw a program on how they force-feed these geese and it is heart-wrenching to see. I am an animal lover and, yes I do eat meat. I am also a bit of a home cook. I enjoy testing and tasting new things, but this topic is very sensitive. I think that with progress in the world the way it is, we as humans should have gone past gratifying our own desires at the cost of a dumb animal. God gave us dominion over the earth and everything in it, but I am sure HE never meant us to be so cruel.

I think foie gras is a product of human kind's unrelenting arrogance and belief that the natural world and everything in it is there for our benefit alone.

It is bad enough to consider the appalling conditions slaughterhouse animals are forced to endure without titillating our taste buds with the by-product of horrendous suffering that is foie gras.

I am not a PETA activist, merely someone who sometimes likes to think beyond the nicely shrink wrapped and bloodless offerings of the supermarkets.

Disgusted by foie gras!

I think foie gras SUCKS BIG TIME! I think doing those vulgar things to the animals for what others consider a delicacy is just BLOODTHIRSTY. But a piece of useful information is that the actual stress the animal endures during captivity, over feeding , shock etc goes right back down the eaters gut so they are filled with murderous, stress filled meat in their bellies! Not good – therefore they add to all sorts of problems in their bodies and souls and don't even know why...a vicious cycle that at least has a bit of justice! Anyone who does support or eat that disgusting stuff deserves the same treatment, and probably will end up with some major condition at a later stage due to WHAT they eat – the death stress I call it.

I think the "growing" and sale of foie gras should be banned worldwide. I liken it to the clubbing of seals for jackets!

Why would anybody have a heart do that to any animal or bird? We call ourselves the superior race yet we can be so inhumane.

I feel that if this is a delicacy it should be left to nature to take its course, just make it more expensive for people that want it, they will have to pay for it like caviar.

I am an animal lover that believes in doing everything as natural as possible. I have never heard of foie gras up until now (unfortunately) and I am disgusted. Humans interfering with any natural process cannot be good; I am disgusted and hope that those "animal right activists" come on top again!

Thank you for informing your readers of this ghastly practice. Whilst many of us can claim ignorance with regard to much of what we consume, once we are informed, there is no turning back. We have to take a stand, and as far as possible, spread the 'bad' news.

I must say that eating anything from an animal which has been maltreated in any way is just, as my work colleague put it "plain evil" and I have to agree with her. Why must we make other creatures suffer so we can yet again gorge ourselves and partake in the sin of gluttony?

Then there was the question, "how can you be sure the animal was treated humanely before it became your burger?" Well, consider the fact that all Hallal meat has to be treated in a humane way and slaughtered in a humane way as part of the Muslim religious practices. In the Quran it clearly states that animals must be treated humanely before and during slaughtering. So if you want to be sure your food is treated well, go Hallal. And by the way...all MacDonalds in South Africa are Hallal, so don’t knock them too much, that burger was well treated all the way. And I am not Muslim, I am Christian, but I can see the good in their religious practices.

I think foie gras should be banned from restaurant menus. The fewer people that order it, the smaller the demand. It will stop these stupid heartless people from abusing birds, small innocent creatures that die in agony...

I don't care if birds can't gag, blah blah...they just use that to justify their practices. How cruel and how inhumane...

Someone should take these farmers and stuff them with food till their livers expands and see how they feel!

The treatment of the bird is disgusting and I personally will not eat it... but I am only one voice. What about the French?


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